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Environmental Policy


It is the Company’s policy to put its environmental statement into practice by observing all relevant legislation, regulations and Government guidelines.

To ensure that all of our employees know and understand our policy and what they are expected to do to comply with it and its satisfactory execution. Furthermore to make sure that all our suppliers and sub-contractors are aware of this policy.

To seek to reduce the wastage of construction materials and to recycle products wherever possible and to make the most efficient use of natural resources by keeping waste to a minimum and conserving energy and water.

To confirm to industry codes of practice whenever practically possible and, as a registered controlled waste carrier to use licensed tips for the disposal of waste materials, especially hazardous items.

To keep our sites clean and tidy to ensure minimum disturbance and disruption to our clients, their neighbours and surroundings.

Furthermore to strive to use the most environmentally efficient transport to meet our needs.




Mrs L Austin

7th December 2007

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